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"Here is a tool that enables you to
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Amazon Reviewers."

A Safe Way To Get Reviews

AMZDiscover greatly reduces the change of being cheated. You will not find reviewer groups or social media clubs, only genuine buyers.

Detailed Reviewer Information

All reviewers come with basic information including their names, reviewer ranking and helpful votes.

Access Reviewers’ Contact Details

You will have access to reviewers’ contact details including email address, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other SNS accounts that have been disclosed.

Available for All Amazon Marketplaces

Collect reviewers from any Amazon listings at will. All Amazon marketplaces are covered.

What Our Partners Say

"I am selling 3C products on Amazon, AMZDiscover is really amazing to help me find some reviewers about 3C products, which is exactly i need. "

Andrew Williams

"I am a newbie as an Amazon seller. I always wondered how I can get more reviews like my competitors until I found AMZDiscover. I offered some discount for reviewers to use my products. Now, my products ranking keeps improving."

Peter Flom

"I always find reviewers on some club or Facebook groups, but I cannot get detailed information and I have to check one by one. Then one day one of my friends recommended AMZDiscover, which can show reviewer information about helpful votes and reviewer ranking, email address and even SNS accounts. It was a real time saver. "

David Baldwin

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