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As an Amazon seller, an essential part of your business is product reviews.  Many buyers consult a product’s reviews as part of their decision-making process and, negative or too few reviews will often put them off.  This article will help you to gain more positive reviews for your products with Amazon Facebook groups in order to increase your Amazon sales and ranking.

Facebook groups are not only a great way to connect with like-minded people but, also an effective way of increasing your positive product reviews.  There are a great number of review groups on Facebook which are set up specifically for Amazon sellers.

Free and easy to join, Facebook groups allow you to ‘swap’ reviews with other sellers or to connect with people who are prepared to review your product in exchange for an incentive such as a discount or free product.

The following are our favorite Facebook review groups, listed by territory.


1. Amazon Reviewer Group US:

 Group NameMembersGroup LinkBrief Introduction
1USA Amazon Reviewers Club8815, buying, selling, tips and advice, reviews
2Amazon Review Club59605 group, reviews, advertising
3Amazon Reviews US32298 and sellers offering discounts and free product in exchange for reviews
4USA Amazon Product Reviewer22000 Paypal refund after positive review is made
5Top Amazon Reviews Vote & Deals Club14000 in exchange for Paypal refund
6Amazon Sellers And Reviewers26000 Amazon sellers with reviewers, strict rules of conduct
7Amazon Reviews Club3900 free and discounted products and gain reviews
8Amazon Trusted Reviewers Community1600 of trusted, tried and tested Amazon reviewers
9Honest US Amazon Review / Deals / Discount5400 stop shop for Amazon sellers looking for reviews and customers looking for discounted products
10Amazon Discount & Codes / Review Club3219 group for buyers, sellers and reviewers


2. Amazon Reviewer Group UK:

 Group NameMembersGroup LinkBrief Introduction
1Amazon UK Review Only3100 group for sellers prepared to offer 100% refund
2Amazon UK Reviews14000 created specifically for Amazon sellers and reviewers
3Amazon Reviews16000 group for reviews of all kinds of Amazon products
4Amazon Reviewers Group21000 and European buying, selling and review group
5Amazon Reviewers UK15000 review group specializing in honest feedback
6UK Amazon Reviewer Only6300 based Amazon product review and feedback group
7New UK Amazon Reviewers3100 group accepting free vouchers or 99% discount only
8Amazon Discounts For Reviewers2500 site for high quality reviewers to receive discounts and free products
9Amazon Top Reviewers9500 coupons and freebies only in exchange for reviews
10Amazon Free Product Deals Between Reviewer & Seller7000 site only for sellers prepared to offer free product


3. Amazon Reviewer Group FR:

 Group NameMembersGroup LinkBrief Introduction
1Reviews France Amazon12524 based group for Amazon buyers, sellers and reviewers
2Amazon Review Club59000 group for gaining reviews of Amazon products
3Amazon France4700 territory Amazon review group
4France Amazon12000 buying and review site for Amazon France
5Amazon France Review4500 buyer, seller and review group for exclusive use of French members
6Amazon FBA Group24000 group for Amazon FBA Sellers and reviewers
7Find you, Trust You6400 site for French trusted and honest reviewers
8Amazon Seller / Reviewers Group5600, sell and review any product
9Amazon Deals And Review Group2400 group for sellers to gain reviews in exchange for discounts
10Amazon Reviewers And Sellers10000 based review group for sellers willing to offer free product in exchange for reviews


4. Amazon Reviewer Group IT:

 Group NameMembersGroup LinkBrief Introduction
1Amazon Video Review Italy3200 the name, this group offers reviews on a wide variety of products
2Alternative Reviews Amazon3700 site for Italian members only with strict codes of conduct
3Amazon Italian Reviewers13000 buying, selling and review group - all transactions to be approved by admin
4Amazon Italy Reviews Exchange9900 based group for Amazon sellers to exchange product reviews
5Amazon Italy reviewers6900 as a reviewers club, the group offers tips and advice as well as review exchange
6Amazon Italy Reviews7300, sell and review group - sellers must state specifics and price to be accepted
7IT Amazon Reviewer12000 the professional Amazon seller
8ARI 2.0 Amazon Review Of Italy4400 group for Amazon FBA sellers seeking reviews
9Review And Discount Codes Italy6500 specific site for Italian Amazon sellers
10Amazon Italy Reviewers2000 group for review exchange and codes


5. Amazon Reviewer Group CA:

 Group NameMembersGroup LinkBrief Introduction
1Canada Only Amazon Review Group7000 deals, codes and review exchanges for Candada
2Amazon Reviewer For CA Only2600 review offers from sellers for Canada only
3Top Amazon Review Canada USA2200 product site for reviewers
4Amazon Canada Reviews3200 review site - not currently accepting new reviewers but keep checking back
5Amazon Sellers Reviewers Group2000 testing opportunities for electronics, homewares and more
6Honest Top Amazon Canada Seller4900 only group - welcomes all sellers and reviewers
7Amazon Seller / Reviewers Group5000, selling, review offers and review exchanges
8Amazon FBA Review2000 for experienced sellers and buyers
9Amazon Review Share Group3300 reviewers only accepted after Amazon profile review
10Amazon Canada Reviewers6300, sell, review for Amazon.CA only


6. Amazon Reviewer Group JP:

 Group NameMembersGroup LinkBrief Introduction
1Amazon Japan Review3600, reviews and product testing for Japan
2Japan Amazon Reviewer15000 membership Amazon selling group for Japan
3Amz Japan Review15000 review site for Amazon members
4Amazon Japan Review14000 testing and review opportunities from sellers
5Amazon Deals And Review15000 group for Amazon selling and reviewing
6Amazon Global Reviewer Club9100 coupon deals and freebies only
7Global Amazon Reviewer and Seller5785, sell and review - new reviewers welcome
8Japan Review Amazon2000 only Amazon members group
9Amazon Reviewers Group22000 at reviewers, wide range of products available
10Amazon Review Online8200 group for buying selling and reviewing


7. Amazon Reviewer Group DE:

 Group NameMembersGroup LinkBrief Introduction 
1Amazon Reviews17000 group for sellers and reviewers; some spam posts
2Amazon Europe10000 review group for all European territories
3Amazon Reviewer DE6700 and reviewing group for members within Denmark
4Amazon Global Reviews5400 specific group
5Amazon DE Reviewers12000 sellers and reviewers - Amazon links must be provided
6Amazon Discounts For Reviewers DE4500 quality reviewers for free and discounted products
7Amazon Ebay CDiscount2000 code and review group for Europe
8Reviewer Amazon2500 review and selling group
9Amazon FBA Reviews25000, testing and reviewing - new members welcome
10Amazon Deals And Reviews6600 and reviewing group with strict guidelines


8. Amazon Reviewer Group ES:

 Group NameMembersGroup LinkBrief Introduction
1Amazon Reviewer Group Spain And Europe5000, giftcards, Paypal and Skrill for reviewers
2Reviews ES Amazon2100 based group for sellers and reviewers
3Amazon Spain Reviews7300 sales, discounts and reviews for Amazon Spain
4Amazon & Walmart & Ebay Sellers/Reviewrs Worldwide30000 scope selling and reviewing site for global members
5Amazon Review Top Espana3900 specific group for Spain
6Amazon Discounts For Reviewers ES2100 based group for product testing / reviews
7Review Spain Amazon6000 specific Spanish group
8Spain Amazon Reviews2000, reviews and product testing for Amazon Spain
9ES Clothing Amazon Reviews Club2100 page for clothing only
10Amazon Spain Reviewer2900 review opportunities for only


9. Amazon Reviewer Group IN:

 Group NameMembersGroup LinkBrief Introduction
1Amazon India Sellers & Reviewers Club2900 and reviewing group for Amazon India members
2Amazon Indian & Flipkart Review Club3762 new group for Amazon and Flipkart reviewers
3Amazon Review India4200, reviews and product tests
4Amazon India & Flipkart3700 selling and review site for Indian territories
5Amazon Flipkart Review Club India2000 and Flipkart review group
6Amazon Global Reviewer Club FBA9145 group for Amazon members and sellers
7Amazon / Flipkart / Ebay45000 scale selling and review group
8Amazon Deals India2000 deals exclusive to India
9Amazon Reviews17000 review and product testing group
10World’s Best Amazon Reviews & Deals23000 deals and freebies for Amazon members worldwide


10. Amazon Reviewer Group on Reddit:

Reviewers can find some great stuff on Reddit – and before it goes on general sale to the public.

Reddit is also great for sellers who can use the site to promote their products quickly and easily – simply search for groups related to your product, i.e. headphones, iPad case etc, and then post an advert to the group or a product testing opportunity for reviewers.

 Group NameMembersGroup LinkBrief Introduction
1FulfillmentByAmazon38600 mid to high level discussions about selling on Amazon and using their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service.
2ProductTesting5800 subreddit is to discuss websites that offer products for testing. Work together to fuel each others' daily addiction to more stuff.
4ProductReviews pointless fun stuff, free shirts, free food, free stickers, free events, free magazines, and anything else free. As long as it's 100% free, it belongs here.
5FreebiesUK9100 freebies page
6makeupfreebies9100 and discounts on makeup and cosmetics
7deals54700 product page with huge membership
8FreeStuff4600 the name suggests, a page full of free stuff for reviewers
9FREE54700 page for reviewers and product testers
10freebietalk8800 and freebies for reviewers


As you can see from this article, there really is no limit when it comes to getting your hands on great freebies and discounts in exchange for reviews.  As mentioned, make sure that your reviews are detailed, thoughtful and professional in order to become and trusted reviewer.

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