What Makes AMZDiscover the Best Reviewer “Mining” Tool for Amazon Sellers?

Amazon can be a great resource for potential reviewers, a gold mine of product recognition waiting to be tapped into by those willing and able to utilize it properly.

The product page conversion rate is a key metric for promotion results, whether you are promoting a newly released product after several months’ preparation or boosting the sales of a rarely-visited existing product. Many factors contribute to the product page conversion rate, but the most crucial among them is the number of positive product reviews.



50% of online shoppers incorporate positive reviews into their purchasing decision

According to a study from Statista, the greatest factors influencing Amazon shoppers’ purchasing decision in 2017 are lower price, free shipping, positive product reviews, Amazon Prime, fast shipping and Amazon recommendations. The study shows that 50% of purchasing decisions are significantly affected by positive product reviews, and up to 90% of the shoppers claim that they won’t buy products with feedback ratings below three stars. Hence, in order to improve the conversion rate and online shoppers’ willingness to buy, positive product reviews is a must for any serious Amazon seller.

However, as everyone knows, Amazon strictly prohibits any attempt to manipulate customer reviews, and it is increasingly difficult to obtain new reviewers. But it just so happens that we have a near-infinite reviewer resource right inside Amazon.


The Hidden Gold Mine


An analysis on Amazon from Statista reported that Amazon has more than 310 million active customers worldwide in 2016, with up to 80 million Prime members. The number is still ballooning year by year. Behind this enormous customer number is a gold mine of valuable data that many companies are scrambling for. It goes without saying that this data can be used for analyzing customer preferences and behavior. If customers’ email addresses can be collected within them, we get the chance to earn a large number of potential customers for either product promotion or new product test.

Now, imagine yourself as a miner. Right in front of you is a gold mine coveted by numerous sellers, in which customers’ email addresses are there to be mined. Then AMZDiscover is like a pickaxe tool which lets you mine more quickly and efficiently.

And just like with discovering a gold mine, the one who is able to obtain the resource is the one who is able to extract it more quickly and efficiently than anyone else.


How AMZDiscover Works

First, let’s briefly go over how to use this reviewer mining tool.


As you see, the AMZDiscover is very easy to use. Some newer users simply utilize it as a tool for obtaining potential reviewers’ email addresses and occasionally their social media accounts, but haven’t get the most out of them. In fact there is far more you can do with these addresses to unveil their potential value like some more experienced users. Now an growing number of users have found AMZDiscover very useful and decided to invest more in wielding its functionality. Some even assign workers exclusively to this task, as they understand that the more email addresses they mine and the faster they do so, the more likely they will win this war of resources.

We randomly interviewed several experienced AMZDiscover users. Let’s see what they say about this tool.

The names mentioned below are all aliases as requested by the interviewees.

An Email Address Collector with High Quality and Efficiency

Venkat, Amazon UK healthcare product seller

I sell healthcare products such as vitamin B supplements. For such products, customers only trust listings with a great deal of positive reviews. Actually my products themselves are excellent, but their quality cannot speak for itself when no one even notices they exist. So obviously I need to make more connections with people I can promote my products to, ideally resulting in positive reviews. Luckily, I found AMZDiscover. Here’s a tip – when using AMZDiscover, you can prepare some listings that have the same target customers as yours, because those more specified customers are more likely to be interested in your products and reply to your email. When I reach out and recommend my products to those who often buy healthcare products like collagen supplements, I always get a lot of responses.


Amazon seller amy

A New Way to Enhance Customer Retention and Loyalty

Amy, makeup and skincare product seller on Amazon US, collected over 30,000 email addresses using AMZDiscover

“My company only just started selling makeup and skincare products on Amazon last year. This is a brand new challenge for us as we were new to this particular business. Not unexpectedly, soon after our product was released, we had a great problem with exposure. I was very despaired at that time. Then I decided to give AMZDiscover a shot. Surprisingly, I was able to gather thousands of email addresses of customers who once bought similar products in just hours. I then emailed them and recommended my first products, a facial essence, to them and invited them to try it for free. To my surprise, the results turned to be very positive. Some customers even suggested to me that I create a Facebook page for my business to let them share their experiences with my products, which allows me to further improve them. Now I can focus on developing new products according to my customers’ genuine needs. I am far less worried these days about how to promote them!”


amazon seller peter

Win over Potential Customers from Your Competitors

Peter Flom, headphone seller on Amazon

I sell headphones on Amazon and the competition couldn’t be fiercer, since many excellent headphone brands already dominate the market. But I believe that people who really know their stuff will move toward my products. I am very confident in the engineering quality of my products as they have undergone strict quality control, and they are constantly improved. Amazon itself is an important channel for me to study my competitors and see how I can possibly further polish my products. I always go through the product reviews on my competitor’s listings and use AMZDiscover to collect email addresses of the reviewers. With this, I determine if there is any improvement that can be made in my products. I can also use the collected email addresses to invite customers to test my new products, and ask them to make a comparison between mine and the leading brands. I have actually won over a large number of customers from my competitors using this method.

There are many satisfied sellers who have uncovered a great deal of uses for the email addresses collected by AMZDiscover, as they have realized the potential value of them and treat them as their valuable resources. The addresses certainly represent your potential reviewers, but more importantly, your potential customers, as their needs and interests align with your products.

Here is one final suggestion: Once you have established your goal of mining for Amazon gold, keep digging. The reviewers you discover will ultimately become your valuable resources, bringing you endless possibilities and opportunities.


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