Top 10 Amazon Discount Sites To Boost Sales & Get Reviews

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As a new seller on Amazon, it’s often a struggle to get your products noticed and make enough sales to make your business viable.  There are a few ways for a new seller to get their products noticed and, one such way is the ever-popular discount site.

Amazon discount sites are websites which have been set up specifically for Amazon sellers to showcase their products, boost their sales, and gain those all-important reviews.  Most of these sites are free to join for sellers and they work by allowing sellers to post product offers which are then picked up by customers browsing the site.

As with anything internet-related, there are a few unscrupulous sites out there so, here, we list the best safe sites for Amazon sellers.

A Big List of Amazon Discount Sites for Sellers

No.SitesPrice for sellersBrief ReviewSupported Amazon Marketplaces
1 CashbackbaseVaried - Cashbackbase charges a monthly subscription fee on the siteCashbackbase is a popular discount site for Amazon sellers. Sellers can post a product offer for free to the site. There is no commission for each order generated on the site.USA, UK and Italy
2vipon$29.99 for the Basic Package and $99.99 for the Pro PackageOne of the largest deal sites for Amazon sellers, Vipon boasts over one million product deals every month. Sellers buy a package of codes which they then use to list a product deal. Customers then order the product deal as they browse the site. Vipon offers a Basic Package of one promotion per country and a Pro Package of 5 promotions per country.Worldwide
3JumpsendStarter Package: $29, Entrepreneur Package: $59, Business Package: $99, Mac Daddy Package: $199Jumpsend is a platform which allows Amazon sellers to post product deals to its site as well as having access to coupons for distribution and email message marketing. Jumpsend also offers sellers a three day free trial (credit card required) before committing to becoming a member. The site offers four different pricing options for membership.USA and UK
4SnagshoutPro Package: $99, Elite Package: $199, Ultra Package $499Snagshout connects serious reviewers with brands. With thousands of brands onboard, Snagshout has been featured in a number of prominent financial publications. The site allows customers to make huge savings whilst helping brands increase their sales and profile.USA only
5dealgogogoFree for sellersDealgogogo collects millions of Amazon coupon codes from brands and Amazon sellers, allowing sellers to showcase their products and giving customers massive discounts on quality goods.USA only
6producttestinggroupFOC for sellersFree and easy, sellers simply sign up to the site and then they are able to post product offers. Customers then browse current offers, often paying little more than shipping costs. Amazon USA only - plans to expand into the UK soon
7vippowerclubNo price information publishedCoupon site which offers up to 99% discount on offered products.Worldwide
8ireviewhome (unavailable)Review Trader Merchant accounts absolutely FREE to Professional level members of IReviewHome Tracker.100% online, IReviewHome allows Merchants to control their account from their dashboard to upload offers. Customers browse the site to apply for offers in exchange for reviews.US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Canada
9amzrc$19.99 per monthSite which allows for reviews and social reviews of discounted products offered by sellers. The site claims that discounted products via receive up to 8 times for salesWorldwide
10uberzonclubPrice on applicationA little different from other sites, UberZon Club is an exclusive, private group which brings together customers and sellers who are prepared to offer up to 85% discount on products. After signing up, sellers can post product offers which are then emailed to signed up customers. Worldwide
11homeproducttesting$29.99 per month - 10 day free trial is offeredInteractive between the seller and customer, Home product testing puts the control in the hands of the seller. The seller posts a product offer which will appear on the browsing site. When a customer clicks onto ‘Reveal’ the seller receives a message to contact the customer with instructions as to how to purchase the product and the terms and conditions. USA Only
12giveawayserviceSilver Package: $50 per month, Gold Package: $100 per month, Platinum Package: $150 per monthUsing bloggers and social media, Giveaway Service connects influencers with sellers willing to discount their products in exchange for reviews and increased profile. Reviews are posted and shared on social media to reach as wide an audience as possible.Worldwide
13blueribbonsreviewsOn applicationOriginally started as a Facebook page, Blue Ribbons Reviews is discount product site for sellers and customers. Co-Founders Alex Arezzini and Jack Stanley teamed up to create a site that connects customers with products over a wide range of sites.Worldwide
14testzonFree for sellers and customers100% free for sellers, members simply need to sign up, post offers and receive sales and reviews. Heavily discounted site with many free products.USA Only
15bestonereview (unavailable)FreeDeveloped primarily as a marketing tool for sellers, Best One Review is now known for the great bargains that customer can find on the site.Worldwide
16trustreviewnetworkFreeMembers need a cell phone in order to join as transactions are conducted through the Trust Review Network app. Using the app, sellers can post product offers which can then be clicked on by customers.USA Only
17loothoot (unavailable)FreeA great review tool for sellers, Looth has the added advantage of being free to use for both sellers and customers.Worldwide
18dealsforreviewsFreeHeavily targeted toward social media, customers purchase discounted products and then share reviews on blogs, YouTube and Facebook. Special requests will be considered.Worldwide
19amzoneclub7 days free trial. Basic Package: $20 per month, Standard Package: $40 per month, Advanced Package: $90 per month, Professional Package: $180 per monthAMZOne offers sellers full control including cherry picking of customers, access to customer information the ability to limit the number of applicants as well as setting a time limit for product offers. Worldwide
20comparabooNo information - not available for sellers. If your product consistently gets positive online reviews and performs better than others in its category, it will be automatically displayed on the site. Comparaboo is an old school comparison site which allows customers to input what they’re looking for in order to be given several different options. Worldwide
21productelf$17.95 per monthA coupon based site targeted at small to medium e-commerce companies. Product offers are uploaded by individuals and made available to browsing customers.Worldwide

Top 10 Amazon Discount Sites To Help you Boost Sales

1. Cashbackbase

Cashbackbase is a discount site for Amazon customers and sellers.  The site invites sellers to upload deals which will save customers’ money and help sellers promote sales and gain more product reviews.

It is a safe and great place for sellers who want to promote new-launched listings and receive positive feedback in a quick method.

Pros: Cashback mode or coupon code mode are available. No minimum or maximum order limits. Reviews are guaranteed.
Cons: Only available for limited marketplaces: US, UK and IT.




Currently one of the largest Amazon discount sites, Vipon is a coupon-based website that connects hundreds of Amazon sellers with their target audience.

This connection helps Amazon sellers, particularly those new to the industry, to connect with new buyers and to gain reviews, and improve their ranking by offering their great products at a radically discounted price.

Vipon is popular with sellers due to the fact that it boasts millions of customer visits every month.

Pros:  Millions of site visits monthly.  Packages start at an affordable $29.99. Available for territories worldwide.
Cons:  Promotions must offer at least 50% discount.  Packages are not automatically renewed monthly.

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Jumpsend is an Amazon buying and selling site which promises to increase organic ranking through seller promotions and email marketing campaigns.

As well as the opportunity to upload product offers, Jumpsend offers a whole host of features including seller tools such as podcasts, webinars and ebooks to help improve performance.

Pros:  Increase your ranking as well as gaining reviews through the site.  Free resources including help with keywords.  Free webinars and training materials.
Cons:  A little more expensive than others, with packages starting from $59.99.  Only available for the USA and the UK.




Snagshout is all about the influencers and uses the power of media and social media to help promote its brands.

Connecting thousands of shoppers with brands every day, Snagshout prides itself on being a champion of the Amazon seller and has been featured in a number of high profile publications such as CNN, The Chicago Tribune and World Report.

Pros: Easy to sign up.  No minimum or maximum product offers.
Cons:  Only available for Amazon USA.  Images are only permitted when purchasing the Advance Package for $499.99 per month.




Coupon based Amazon review site based in California.  Dealgogogo is a vast site featuring products of every possible genre.  The site works by accessing a free chrome extension which customers use to access discount coupons for desired products.

The extension means that the shoppers don’t have to leave Amazon’s site in order to bag the discounts from Dealgogogo.

This is of huge benefit to sellers who understand the benefits of attracting shoppers to a page – and keeping them there!

Pros:  Large amount of products.  Easy to sign up. Chrome extension means that shoppers have no need to leave Amazon’s site.
Cons:  Inaccurate searches.  Only available for Amazon USA.




Simple but effective, Product Testing Group allows sellers to sign up as members and then to post their product offers onto the site to attract customers.  Sellers can increase their profile and traffic by offering free or heavily discounted products to testers and reviewers.

Free to join for both sellers and customers, this is a great place to start for the new Amazon seller.

Pros:  No minimum or maximum restrictions on offers for sellers.  100% free for sellers.
Cons:  Currently only available in USA.  Reports that customer data is sold resulting in nuisance calls.




VIP Power Club is, first and foremost, a review site as well as a customer discount site.  The site invites sellers who are willing to discount their products hugely (often 90 – 100%) to upload product offers in return for customer reviews.

If there’s one thing that Amazon customers love, it’s a bargain – and this site attracts thousands of Amazon customers willing to test and review products in exchange for heavily discounted products.

For sellers, this is a great way of getting a lot of reviews in a short time in order to increase ranking and profile.  Recent offers include a cake decorating kit, which retails at $17, being offered or free in return for reviews.

Pros:  Offers are sent to customers’ inboxes, increasing awareness without customers having to first visit the site.  Sellers can gain a large number of reviews quickly.
Cons: Sellers have to offer huge discounts in order to stand out. A customer account may be suspended if they fail to leave a review within 10 days.


8. (unavailable)


Ireview Home is a discount site which is controlled by sellers.  Sellers post product offers and are then able to cherry-pick reviewers based on previous reviews.

Sellers can also hide product offers from certain customer sets and can cancel product offers at any time as well as setting time limits for deals.

Pros:  Quality reviews. Free merchant account.  Control over reviewers.  Easy to use. Worldwide availability.
Cons:  Only available to Professional level members of IReviewHome Tracker.




AMZRC aims to offer superior product at discounted prices through its member sellers.  Unfortunately only available for customers and sellers in the USA, this site is simple, straight-forward, free to buyers and, relatively inexpensive for sellers.

Pros:  A low 1.69% commision per transaction.  Easy to use.
Cons:  Only available in the USA.




Casting itself as an exclusive and private club, Uberzon is, nonetheless, a buying and selling group for Amazon customers and sellers.  Free to use for both buyers and sellers, Uberzon offers quality products with discounts of up to 85%.

Sellers can connect with responsive buyers who, in turn, leave reviews and social media reviews in return for a bargain.  Once signed up, members receive daily deals by email.

Pros: Deals are emailed to customers meaning they don’t have to actively visit the site.
Cons:  Unfortunately there is no information at all on the site for sellers.  Potential sellers need to email Uberzonclub for information and generally do not receive a reply for days.


For the Amazon seller, posting product offers on these sites is a great way of getting your product notice, tested and reviewed – leading to improved sales, ranking and profile.  As some of these sites charge commissions, make sure you’ve done your sums first to ensure you’re not losing too much cash by posting offers.


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